RefreshRD Success Course


Six Week Online Group RD Exam Prep Course

Have you struggled with studying for RD Exam? Does studying feel overwhelming, anxiety-inducing, and daunting? It doesn’t have to be! We’re here to help you ace the exam and start your career.

Over the past 3 years, I have helped students to pass the RD exam—even those who were struggling! I started RefreshRD as a way to empower aspiring dietitians in their goal to tackle the RD exam and get a jumpstart on their career. I fully believe in the power of tutoring, and I have always loved being a preceptor and mentor for dietitians. I love guiding others by using my own experience. Dietetics (the clinical domain 2) is currently 40% of the RD exam, and my extensive background in this area has been crucial to helping students succeed.

RefreshRD is devoted to helping students like YOU to pass the exam! We are here to help others build their knowledge and confidence to get started on their career as a Registered Dietitian. 

Truth be told, 93% of my students in the past had tried and failed (up to seven times!) to pass the RD Exam. Now the majority of those students are RDNs. Our pass rates since the creation of RefreshRD in 2015 have been an astounding 70%-75%, which is at least double the national average (per CDR data) of dietitians who have failed the RD exam in the past. For our students who have not previously failed the test, our pass rate is 100%! We have a strong track record of dramatically increasing your success in exam prep and test-taking skills.

My belief is simple: no matter how many times you have taken the exam, you still have a great chance to pass it! From my experience, dietitians can pass the exam once they have the right practice, knowledge, and strategy.  RefreshRD has extensive insights and strategies to get you there. Now, we even have specialty foodservice tutors available nationwide through our online tutoring services, as well as tutors in-person in New York and New Jersey! 

In the past, dietitians have reached out to me regarding our services, but admit that they cannot afford the one-one-one support that would be in-depth enough to help them pass the exam. That is why we offer small classes at affordable rates, that offer the added benefit of group encouragement, peer support, and optional study partnerships.

Our group program will help take dietitians to the next level, and catapult their studying to pass the RD exam… without breaking the bank

RefreshRD™ RD Exam Success Course

Thursday, January 9, 2020 - February 13, 2020

6 Thursday evenings, January 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, and February 6th & 13th

 7:00 -9:00 pm EST

What others are saying...

I just wanted to check in and update you all — I just took my exam and I PASSED!

I cannot thank you all enough for helping me get here. The classes and recordings, homework, and 1:1 sessions have been so, so helpful, but I was amazed at how much more confident I felt taking the exam this time around.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for working with me! You all are amazing.

-Mallory Reaves, MS, RD, LDN, RYT

I am grateful for this class. It's been 6 years since undergrad, I took time off to be a mom, and am rusty on my RD knowledge, but this class has reawoken my nutrition passion!

-Robin T.

I am loving this class! I look forward to this weeks class on food-service and management.

-Marie Trujillo, RefreshRD student

"I am extremely satisfied with the services I received because I learned so much from Ilene, both professionally and personally. Being able to work with an expert in the field and someone who truly believes in you was key to my success."

"Studying for the RD exam, let alone failing it and having to re-take it again, is an extremely mentally exhausting experience. Ilene truly helped me overcome one of the most challenging times of my life. She believed in me, never gave up, and always put in 200% of her time and effort in making sure I got what I needed to do better. On a mental/emotional level, she helped me eliminate severe test-taking-anxiety. On a professional level, she helped me see where I was going wrong in my studying and was an excellent teacher/tutor. I highly recommend that anyone who is struggling in their RD exam prep to reach out to her."

"Ilene really individualizes her tutoring advice for her students. As an expert tutor, she can quickly identify a student's problem area and I've found that that was the most critical factor in improving my test score. She also empowers her students with confidence; she kept me calm throughout a very challenging period in my life and this greatly helped me to achieve success."

"People should know that Ilene puts in all of her hardest efforts in aiding her students and making sure they reach success. If you put in time and effort in studying, Ilene will put in twice the amount of time and effort to get you where you need to be, no matter what it is you need."

"I would say that no matter where you are in your test preparation, you will certainly benefit from the RefreshRD services. Ilene is an expert in the field and there is no one better and/or more qualified to help you achieve your goals."

- Anonymous, MS, RDN

"The customized tutoring, hands on, one on one is completely tailored to you. It is exactly what every future RD needs!"


"I'm thoroughly enjoying the course thus far! I've been sharing this awesome course with dietitians I know that would greatly benefit. You all are truly a blessing!"

-Q. Marable

"After speaking with Ilene and trying the KEY method myself, I knew it would work. Worth it every penny!  

You should know that Ilene and her team are here to help you succeed.  They will guide through this roller coaster of emotions and fears with knowledge and compassion. But it is also a two-way street and you'll have to dedicate yourself just as much as they do! So take the time you need to get it right this time."

- Giselle Gaffney, RDN

"I got a job offer contingent on passing the exam and now I have gained more confidence in my ability as a new  RD! "


"IT IS WORTH THE INVESTMENT. Do not doubt yourself and overall, it can't hurt to at least try tutoring."


"Ilene is amazing! She helped me from day 1 to identify my weaknesses - which was overthinking every question  and continually struggling on how to breakdown situational questions. Before Ilene, I would freak out over a situational question and then just "guess" because I was afraid to fail. I failed the exam twice with a 24 both times and passed the exam today way  higher than I thought I would! Ilene is worth the investment. If you're hesitant, just do it. You won't regret at least trying! If I would have know Ilene would help me pass this exam, I would have paid triple the amount she charges and worked with her after  my first failed attempt. Ilene also helped me with what to eat on exam day, breathing exercises, and essential oils on test day to relieve anxiety. Thank you Ilene for everything that you do!"

- Kimberly, MS, RDN

"Through this course I was able to pass the RD exam. I also was able to further develop my skills, which will help me to be a better RD. I built connections through my study group and found support through the course. Overall this support helped me to be less stressed."

"Ilene was very thorough and knowledgeable. I learned so much. 

This gave me more confidence when going in to take the exam."

"You should do this course. This will be very beneficial to anyone who is struggling with this exam."

- Kaylee H, RD

"I PASSED the exam on my 2nd attempt after participating in the RefreshRD course! I went from a 22 to 28. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I can't believe I'm finally in the real world as a Registered Dietitian! This course was extremely beneficial to help me succeed on the exam, from the lectures to practice questions and 1:1 tutoring sessions that were incorporated. Moreover, the content I learned in this class goes beyond the RD exam; I feel more confident to work with patients in various settings. I am so grateful for the meaningful relationships I built with Ilene and 2 of my classmates, who were also my study buddies during and after the course! "

"I enjoyed Ilene's optimism, energy, and passion for teaching, which helped me to persevere in my studies. I have already started recommending the RefreshRD course to current dietetic interns who will be testing next year. I highly recommend Ilene and RefreshRD!" 

- Anonymous, MS, RDN

"This assignment is wonderful and I can see how it will be very helpful! Thanks, Ilene. You and your team rock!"

- Anonymous, current student

"I felt really good and more confident in my abilities.Ilene is very smart and knows her information. She’s great at teaching!

The Key Strategy is key!!

If you are having trouble passing, 100% work with Ilene to really identify the issue, tackle it, and pass it!" 

-Chelsea G, MS, RDN

"Thank you for helping me pass the exam! I'm glad I did because it was the key to passing my exam! I like how she incorporated her own notes and assignments for you to review. They were very helpful and personal!

I would say if you are having trouble, make the investment and go for it."

-Emily, RD

"Hey, great class this evening! Very informative and educational. Ilene did an excellent job at clarifying topics and breaking down questions (key strategies). I think it helped everyone, and I especially like the definitions for assumptions/inferences."

-Jenn R, current student

"I passed my test by gaining confidence and reassurance in my own knowledge and test taking skills from the course.  The main aspect that I got out of this course was test taking strategy specifically for the RD exam. If your on the fence about doing it, just do it. It can't hurt, you'll learn skills necessary to pass the exam the first time, and your investment will return to you once your an RD. "

 - Andrew M. Pescovitz, RDN

"Thank you Ilene for another wonderful session last night! It really helped me to better understand respiratory/metabolic acidosis and alkalosis, which can be a confusing topic." 

- MK

"I really liked that the homework assignments and examples in the sessions helped deepen my understanding of all the material. The way the information was discussed helped make the information more realistic because the way it is taught and written in other study materials causes some form of gap in understanding and the information starts to look like a bunch of words and facts that need to be memorized. For ex: the carb counting assignment simply stated to document all foods eaten in past 3 days..being able to apply knowledge to my everyday life helped. Sometimes interns just think tooo hard when it comes to studying for this exam. 

Ilene will make sure you are ready to take the exam. She will always be clear and honest when it comes to how well you are learning and let you know if you need to continue. I enjoyed how clear she explained clinical and how she goes deep into all the concepts..she caught on to my learning style so I learned quickly.  Work with Ilene right away so you can fill in any gaps you have when it comes to understanding dietetics. It helps that Ilene has clinical and education experience because she it will all make sense...much more sense than how it was taught when first introduced during school."  

- Valerie, MS, RDN

“In addition to getting better practice test scores, working with Ilene made me feel much more confident in my ability to pass the exam. Specifically, I felt that I had the ability (and did) to get even the most difficult questions correct and I felt less anxiety overall. I enjoyed the fact that Ilene’s teaching style put me in the driver’s seat. I was able to focus more on specific areas, if I felt that I was struggling with them during the tutoring session, so that by the end of the session I mastered the concept that I was struggling with. I also appreciated that she would offered suggestions when needed to frame my thinking about questions in a different way. Ilene is a one stop shop. She helps you to improve your test taking skills by using a strategy she developed that breaks down questions and answers so that right answer becomes more apparent and she can provide strategies to calm nervous test takers through various breathing and yoga techniques.” 

- Emily Jones, MS, MBA, RDN

“Ilene was great to work with! She had great resources outside of the ones had previously used. I could tell she really wanted me to succeed and was honest about my readiness. I feel SO much better. It’s like a weight has been lifted and I can finally start the next chapter of my life. Such a great feeling. I know this wouldn’t have happened without Ilene’s help and encouragement.” 

- Ali, MS, RDN

If you are struggling passing the RD exam, Ilene is an awesome resource to help give you that extra push that you need to pass.  Besides helping me pass my exam, Ilene taught me so much about being a RDN that I will definitely use in my professional career.”

 - Anonymous, RDN

"Elysa answered all my questions and was able to provide me with examples. She also provided good strategies for remembering the concepts."

-Kristen Volz

“Kimberly did a great job explaining to me the importance of vitamins and minerals needed in dialysis, renal diseases, and my homework and CDR questions. I know she is well-informed with MNT, and she is willing to further explain any convoluted MNT nutrition topics. I would highly recommend her for any student who needs help with RD exam prep, especially in MNT. She is passionate about being a dietitian. She was patient with me during my session because she wanted to make sure I understood the material. She let me explain to her what I know. I don't get to explain what I know about dietetics to others often. It was helpful to 'teach back' to someone who knows dietetics so they can provide feedback to your responses.”

-Kimberly S.

“Kimberly did a great job of jumping right in and addressing my questions very specifically! I appreciated how she gave a "big picture" overview and boiled things down to what I actually need to know for the exam, as opposed to more specialized/complex topics that I don't need to spend energy on right now. She was encouraging, extremely knowledgeable, and practical.”



Week 1: Let’s talk Strategy
7:00 pm - 7:45 pm

Understanding + applying the top strategies you need to pass the exam

A common challenge our students face is that despite understanding the concepts, they are still struggling to get  answers correct! In this first session, we will take a deep dive into our RefreshRD™ Signature strategy, leaving you with the ability to nail questions that you would have struggled with before. 

7:45 pm - 8:30 pm
Group practice questions and answer session
Bring your challenging questions to this interactive group exercise to reinforce and enhance your learning. Since this course is limited to 6 participants, each participant will have at least 10 minutes to go over their individual questions. Remember: everyone will learn from each others' questions, so all 60 minutes of group coaching will be highly valuable. 

Week 2: Laboratory Values: What you Need to Know for the RD Exam & Beyond

7:00 pm - 7:45 pm

What You Really Need to Know for the RD Exam 

One of the most common questions I get is: “Which lab values do I REALLY need to know?” One area my students struggle with the is lab values. Learn strategic techniques to not just memorize the important lab values, but creative mnemonics to remember them (for the exam and on the job!). This class includes metabolic acidosis/alkalosis / respiratory acidosis/alkalosis. With our expert technique, we feel confident that you will leave this session with a significantly improved understanding of these challenging concepts. 

7:45 - 8:30 pm

Group practice and answer session 

Here is your opportunity to address the most challenging lab values questions alongside your peers. We will cover lab values from various disease states/conditions, including renal disease/ hemodialysis, gastrointestinal conditions, bariatric surgery and more. 

Week 3: Diabetes Topics Unveiled 

7:00 pm - 7:45 pm
With the rates of diabetes on the rise, you are bound to get at least one diabetes question on the RD exam. This informative session will cover important topics, including the “lock and key"— insulin action, carbohydrate counting, and complications of diabetes. 

7:45 - 8:30 pm
Group practice and answer session
Select your most challenging diabetes practice questions and get them answered with your peers.
*There will be a carbohydrate counting homework assignment prior to this session to help synthesize the information.

  • Private session #1: That’s right, as part of this course, each participant will receive a total of 60 minutes of one-on-one tutoring with me and one of our expert foodservice tutors! We will synthesize the information you are learning and get expert help for domains 1 and 2.

Week 4:  Don’t Dread Domains 3 and 4: Foodservice and Management 

7:00 pm -7:45 pm

Let one of our amazing foodservice speciality tutors guide you in the most important foodservice topics you need to pass domains 3 and 4 of the RD exam. This session will show you strategies for understanding challenging foodservice concepts, alleviating the need to memorize excessive formulas. Learn an intuitive way to handle questions and let go of your calculation fears. 

7:45 - 8:30 pm

Group practice and answer session

Get out your calculators and select your most challenging lab foodservice questions to have them answered with your peers. 

  • Private session #2 - Schedule your second 30 minute complimentary one-one-one session with one of our specialty foodservice tutors.

Week 5: Domain 1: Principles of Dietetics, Food Science & Research

7:00 pm- 7:45 pm

What you'll learn:

  • Methods of cooking and mixing
  • Pigments of food
  • Characteristics of food and their structures
  • Phytochemicals
  • Educational theories
  • Behavioral modifications
  • Mean/median/mode
  • P-values
  • Hypothesis/null hypothesis

7:45-8:30 pm

Group practice and answer session

Select your most challenging questions from domain 1 and get a chance to work on them with your peers!

Week 6: Nutrients: Macros & Micros & Drug Nutrient Interactions for the RD Exam & Beyond

7:00 - 7:45 pm

Unanimous feedback from our one-one-one tutoring students ignited our fire to create a stellar overview of the major nutrients and their role in the body, for the RD exam and beyond! 

7:45 - 8:30 pm

Group practice and answer session

Pull your questions regarding metabolic acidosis/alkalosis and vitamin/mineral practice questions for this group session.

PLUS: An exclusive webinar about the psychology of test-taking, presented by Dr. Jessica Meister, Psy.D.

Dr. Meister will be discussing:

  • An overview of test anxiety
  • Strategies and techniques to cope with anxiety
  • Test and study strategies to help students prepare for exams
  • Answers to questions live during the webinar


  1. Six 2-hour group sessions on the Zoom online platform.
  2. Recordings of each session and access to the recordings so you can review on your own time.
  3. Two 45 minute one-one one tutoring sessions; one with Ilene and the other with one of our specialty foodservice tutors. 
  4. Handouts, cheat sheets, and downloadable slides for each class.
  5. Access to an exclusive members only site with access to our resources and updates on a regular basis. 
  6. Access to a special Facebook group where you can interact with your peers and instructors to ask questions in between sessions.
  7. An accountability partner/study buddy to help you stay on track.
  8. Weekly homework assignments to support your learning.
  9. Review and feedback of all homework to inspire next-level understanding and application.
  10. A support group of other dietitians/RDs to be- a group mindset levels it up for everyone!


Due to the overwhelming success of our Psychology of Test Taking Webinar with neuropsychologist Dr. Jessica Meister, PsyD, we will be having her teach an additional class as part of the Success Course. This option will also include a 20 minute breathing and stress reduction virtual session with our founder Ilene Cohen, MS RDN, CDE, C-IAYT, Certified Yoga Therapist. Apply now for the test preparation course by clicking the link below! Save your seat for this valuable opportunity. Enrollment will be based on a first come, first served basis. 


** Dietetic Internship Directors: Did you know that we offer special group rates? Contact us to learn more!*

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Managing Test Anxiety Webinar - December 3, 2019 7 PM EST

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