Vanessa, MA, RDN

Ilene was so helpful tutoring me for the RD exam! She was quick to respond and dedicated to helping me pass! She worked with me on test taking strategies, reducing my anxiety surrounding test taking, and answered my questions on complex clinical concepts. 

She was able to use her yoga background to help me with some breathing techniques that truly saved me during the exam when I faced complicated questions. With Ilene's help, I learned it was more about teasing out the questions that I know rather than getting caught up in unfamiliar terms or confusing wording. I would recommend her to anyone who fears test taking or needs some extra help formulating a study plan. 

I found an hour with Ilene much more productive than hours of memorizing terms and studying ineffectively. Ilene was also very knowledgeable about the field of dietetics and was generous with her time to give me advice on the daunting process of job searching and career planning. Thanks Ilene! 

Emily, RD

Ilene was extremely helpful in preparation for my RD exam. Ilene provided thorough clinical-based nutrition topics and was able to identify what areas I needed to focus on. Although each student studies differently, Ilene suggested ways for me to study which was very helpful. Not only did she allow me to have a better understanding of the clinical-based topics, she also provided me with techniques to overcome stress and anxiety through mindful yoga breathing exercises. I was lucky to have her as my tutor, and now I am happy to have her as my friend and colleague!

Jackie, RD, CDN

I was located in CT and Ilene was kind enough to conduct tutoring sessions with me through Facetime and phone calls. Even though Ilene and I never officially met, she always responded within 24 hours with any questions or concerns that I had. One thing I found very unique about working with Ilene was that she not only educated me on the nutrition material but also helped with my test taking ability. With Ilene’s help I was able to pass the RD exam with flying colors! Thanks again Ilene!


Samantha, MA, RDN

Ilene truly is amazing! I was very discouraged after not passing the RD exam twice. She helped me strategize ways to relieve test anxiety, focus on my strengths, and ultimately pass the exam! 


I truly enjoyed tutoring with Ilene. Ilene's patience, encouragement and easygoing personality made it a pleasure to work with her. Ilene is extremely informed and cared to help me succeed with my assignments.

I look forward to tutoring with Ilene in the future, and I definitely would recommend her to anyone interested in her services.

Kara, RD

I passed the RD exam today! I can't even thank you enough for Ilene's help. I swear I heard her voice several times saying "what are they looking for?" "you know this!"

Thanks so much!


I was feeling extremely discouraged to the point where I did not want to be an RD anymore. I never failed anything in my life until now and to continuously keep failing it really affected me emotionally.

I have experienced hope again in passing the RD exam by participating in RefreshRD.


After 3 attempts, I had not passed the RD exam. I wanted to find something different from the way I was previously studying to help me pass. I am glad that I went through with it [RefreshRD] because the course and tutoring sessions have completely changed my way of thinking and how I approach questions. I also have gained so much knowledge in areas I was struggling with and now understand it so much better. I gained a lot more confidence by taking the RefreshRD course. I realized that I didn't know concepts as well as I though I did and RefreshRD really cleared up those concepts.