We know firsthand how challenging the process to become a Registered Dietitian is.  With an abundance of exam preparation materials out there, why invest in a tutor?  Our 1-on-1 tutoring sessions are designed to target your strengths and weaknesses, providing an individualized experience that a book simply cannot match. Our goal is to help you pass the RD exam and pursue your future as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist! 

Why tutoring, as opposed to self-study or a test prep book?


Test prep materials online in or in a book can’t target your individual needs—your personal strengths and weaknesses.

In addition, different DPD programs and dietetic internships vary in duration, focus, level of detail, and strategic approach in preparation for the exam. You may need a tailored approach to make sure you have everything you need for the test!

Why one-on-one tutoring?


You are unique. Depending on your background, education and experiences, you have different skill sets and challenges within the curriculum.  You also inevitably have different study habits, styles, preferences, and schedules. We believe that an effective preparation strategy takes all of this into account to truly help you excel.

Why RefreshRD?


We passed the exam! And we want you to pass the exam too. We work with you—life gets busy, and setting aside time to study can be hard.  We do our best to create a plan and schedule that best works for you. 

We also work for you.  Our 1-on-1 meetings are targeted to your individual needs, so no question or concept gets left behind! 

Facts and Figures on the RD Exam

RD Credentials are Key

The only way to become an RD/RDN is by passing the exam. Not only is it necessary to fulfill state licensure requirements, your RD credentials help you achieve higher earnings throughout your career. Registered Dietitians earn an average of $29,240 more than dietetic technicians at the national level (US Department of Labor, 2015).

RD Exam Difficulty

Passing the exam is not a given! In 2016, 5,873 students took the exam. Of those taking the exam for the first time, 14% failed their 1st attempt. Of those repeating the exam, 54% failed. That makes for a total 23.5% overall failure rate—almost an entire quarter of test-takers.

With our personalized tutoring, you can avoid becoming one of these statistics! We will put you well on your way to passing the exam and beginning a successful and rewarding career in nutrition!

Pass / Fail Statistics

We've included some helpful links on the RD Exam pass / fail rates:

RD exam summary of pass/fail rates by eligibility pathway
(this chart from Pearson summarizes the number of times students take the exam and their pass rates.)

RD exam group
performance statistics (CDR)

CDR Examination statistics:
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